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  The Road Map of China's Steel Industry——Reduction, Innovation and Transformation


  Xinchuang Li

  Copyright Information:

  Metallurgical Industry Press 2020

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  Springer, Singapore

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  This book explores the principles of supply-side structural reform and current practices in the Chinese steel industry. Focusing on the general requirements for high-quality development, it reviews the evolution of the global and Chinese steel industries with regard to reduction, innovation, and transformation. It also summarizes industrial development law from a transfer route perspective, analyzes major challenges and opportunities for the steel industry in the new era, and proposes strategic orientation and implementation measures for the future development of the steel industry.

  The book contends that high-quality development of the steel industry must be driven by innovation, and it is essential to promote integrated development based on several aspects – greenness, coordination, quality, standardization, differentiation, service, intelligence, diversification, and internationalization – in order to reshape the industrial value chain and continuously improve industrial competitiveness. This concept is essential to help Chinese steel companies prepare development plans for transformation and upgrading. Combining thorough analysis, unique insights, and many practical cases, the book offers a guide to and inspiration for future implementation approaches.


  ★ Part I Introduction

  1 Development Road of China’s Modern Iron and Steel Industry

  2 International Experiences

  3 Development Trend

  ★ Part II Reduction, Innovation and Transformation

  4 Reduction

  5 Greenness

  6 Coordination

  7 Quality Focus

  8 Standardization

  9 Differentiation

  10 Servitization

  11 Intelligentization

  12 Diversi?cation

  13 Internationalization