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2017(6th) China Steel Tech-economy Summit Held

2017(6th) China Steel Tech-economy Summit Held

In September 15-16, 2017(6th) China Steel Tech-economy Summit was held in Beijing, this Summit
was jointly lauched by China Metallurgical Industry Planning &Research Institute(MPI) and China Society of Metals(CSM) ,
the organizer is CSM tech-economic branch. The summit was supported by Shanghai Fututes Exchange, as SFE deputy
GM delivered a appech on the summit.
Acadmmician Gan Yong, Inspector from MIIT Mr. Xin Renzhou, MPI President LI Xinghcuang as well as CISA leader Mme. Qu Xiuli,fellow Mr. Wu Zhenyu from DRC, CSM Executive Director Zhao Pei, Finacial Company GM Mme. Guo Yong from TISCO and many other big potatoes are among the speakers, catering the participants.
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